All chat messages are displayed on the above colored panel. You can move the panel up and down.

If you are stuck at any point during using this chatbot, please just input 'help' below. Tap on the above box and Tap Mic Icon on your phone keyboard to talk, and only some high-end phones have Mic Icon. Very soon, this chatbot can understand and talk in several major languages powered by AI technologies.

For now, you still need to input English texts in the above box in order to get correct answer from me – this AI chatbot. You can translate your foreign language into English on: Google Translation app. Very soon, your foreign language input to the above box will work on the next version of this chatbot!

As I, "Nolymit Customer Adviser AI Chatbot", am powered by AI technologies, so sometimes, you ask me the same question, but I may give you a bit different answer. This is due to that I try to find the best answer for you with the AI technologies. Have Fun !!

Touch several times the Purple Circle on the top right corner to learn more on ordering your AI chatbot from Nolymit startup! Touch/Click on Nolymit Logo above to visit home page.

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Talking helpful Robot

Now you understood these points: AI chatbots can effectively answer many REPEATED questions in Different Languages on any devices 24/7. This kind of AI chatbots will greatly improve the long term profits for your company at small cost. You are warmly welcome to reach us for more info in any way as you wish: Reach us on the Contact Form at or email to . Nolymit is offering special benefits to the new customers that will contact us during the current month.

Nolymit Goodwill Program Donating our Expertise of Building Chatbots

Currently, this Nolymit Goodwill Program mainly donates our time and expertise to build AI chatbot mobile web apps for the selected North American non-profits and government offices Tap here to learn more about this great offer!

To receive the notice of the next version of this AI bot or give us feedback on this, you are warmly welcome to reach us in the Contact Form at the bottom of page!

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